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About Us

(Intermediary Agri-Business Management Service Provider)


        Farm Masters Africa Ltd (FMAL) is a registered company in Ghana under the Registered Generals Companies Act, 1963 (179) with provisions of sections 27 and 28 with objective of charting a path in agriculture which seeks to address the waning confidence in agriculture as a viable business venture by offering a proactive, intermediary management service through which investor value creation can be assured to a large extent. The company is equipped with dedicated and experienced personnel with a rich vein of exposure and track record in agriculture and business management to provide a satisfactory level of comfort and assurance to prospective investors and partners on the professional and reliable delivery of assigned responsibilities.

        FMAL is highly motivated to undertake intermediary role due to daring challenges confronting people and interest groups in agriculture are inadequate experts’ advice and supervisory time over substantial resource commitments. People and interest groups have tried to their utter dismay at the daunting challenges that confronted them in the form of poor planning and preparation, inadequate fund projections, unskilled and unmotivated workers, poor weather forecasts, land tenure issues and post-harvest litigation with land custodians, inter-alia. The basic challenge inherent in this seeming endless list of setbacks is the ill-prepared and ill-equipped state of enthusiastic investors in agriculture prior to their untimely engagement in the sector.


To be the hub of contemporary agricultural practices, agro market research, value chain enhancement and the identification, staffing and capacity building of the sector's key stakeholders.


To become the bedrock of stakeholders interests in agribusiness in adoption of appropriate technology to agricultural challenges, consistently create agricultural value of substance and improve agri-project management.

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